Portable electronic music devices: In the Subway music is used for passing time. Inspiring thought. Soundtrack for B-Boys.

In Parks: Excercise, drum circles.

Concerts: Boredoms show  with 9 drummers putting dozens of people in tribal trance. The volume feeling almost like a physical force.

Ice Cream truck: The catchy and often (always) annoying jingle is used to attract kids within an earshot.

Backing up trucks: Beeping to notify all of possible danger.

Cell Phones: Pinging noises remind you of your electronic tether.

Waiting for Subway: Wacky electronic violinist playing enjoy the silence, using the spaces reverb quite well. And raking in a good amount of $.

Walking Signs: Sounds aware the blind of when it’s safe to cross.

Shouting Homeless Man: Using his boisterous voice to warn me of the impending apocalypse.


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